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Accidental Damage Claims

We provide accurate and completely unbiased opinions on vehicle collision damage repair costs, pre-accident market vales and salvage values.

Our reports are clear and comprehensive with accurate repair methods and costs calculated utilising the latest computer software from Glass’s, GT Motive or Audatex. Each report is completed by the inspecting Engineer utilising the EVA reporting system and includes all the information you require to successfully process or conclude a claim.

Reports typically consist of a summary of the nature of damage, repairs required, estimated methods and costs, advice on repair duration and market value. Each report includes an Experian damage history check, up to 24 high-quality images and recommendations on the best way to proceed. Repair costs are calculated based on manufacturers standard times and part prices.

We aim to inspect within 48 hours of instruction and reports to be forwarded on within 24 hours of the inspection.

Valuations & Disputes

Vehicle Valuations can raise disputes between owners and insurers following a total loss settlement.

In today’s modern world, it is increasingly common to find the insurers have not made a physical inspection of the damaged vehicle. Many rely on service providers such as garages & salvage companies to provide repair costs and market values. We find this issue to be a significant cause of valuation disputes.

We can assist in resolving such issues by undertaking a thorough inspection of the vehicle on your behalf. We can then provide an independent assessment based on the condition and a variety of other factors. This report can be used to challenge the insurance companies decision on either the valuation and/or final outcome of repairs or total loss.

Our engineers have extensive experience and knowledge of valuing vehicles of all types and have access to numerous databases, including Glass’s Guide, CAP, Parkers, Experian and DVLA. We also cross-reference data with current market availability to ensure values are current and accurate.

Burchell Assessors damage to bus
Burchell Assessors checking tyre tread
Burchell Assessors inspecting moped damage
Burchell Assessors inspecting damage to sports car

Post Repair Inspections / Re-Insurance Purposes

These reports are commonly requested by insurance companies following policyholder retention and repair of a salvage vehicle.

This report provides an opinion on the vehicle’s suitability for re-insurance and includes our opinion of current market value, outlines the nature and standard of repairs carried out along with any obvious condition related issues which may be of interest to the insurer.

All reports include up to 24 digital images and an Experian check outlining any damage history on record.

Salvage Value / Categorisation Issues

As with the valuation processes, years of experience in inspecting many vehicles processed for total loss settlement by insurers finds that some insurers often apply incorrect salvage categorisations. This issue leads to a negative effect on a vehicles future value in cases where the salvage has been retained.

We regularly see vehicles deemed uneconomical to repair which could have been economically repaired had the vehicle been directed to a more appropriate repairer.

Burchell Assessors checking the quality of paint work
Burchell Assessors inspecting damage to car after crash
Burchell Assessors inspecting damage to public transport vehicle
Burchell Assessors inspecting vehicle damage to executive vehicle

Damage Consistency

In current times exaggerated insurance claims and staged accidents have become common. Specialist knowledge with years of experience is often required to determine if the damage sustained or claimed is consistent with the accident circumstances provided.

In dealing with these cases, evidence is gathered and analysed by carefully inspecting both vehicles involved, checking for heights of impact points, direction and nature of damage. An Independent vehicle inspection can provide clarity when dealing with Low Speed Impact damage and can often eliminate exaggerated claims and repair costs.

Repair / Customer Complaints

We can provide a Post Repair inspection service along with mediation to assist in resolving customer complaints related to substandard collision damage repairs.

All our engineers have extensive experience in the world of vehicle body/paint and collision damage repairs.

We can offer advice on any concerns surrounding the standard of vehicle damage repairs, paint defects and common issues found within today’s very often highly complex vehicle repairs.

Burchell Assessors inspecting accident damage to vehicle
Burchell Assessors undertaking report on damaged vehicle
Burchell Assessors inspecting damage to BMW
Burchell Assessors inspecting damage to family car

Total Loss Settlements

We offer a total loss settlement service on behalf of several insurer clients. Following inspection of the vehicle, valuation and market research, we can offer full Experian checks to include damage history, finance and theft followed by negotiation and settlement of the claim.

All our engineers have attained the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors (IAEA) Vehicle Salvage Competency Examination (AQP) relating to the Categorisation of salvage in line with the ABI Salvage Code of Practice.

Desk Based Assessments

Where sufficient reliable information and good quality images are available, we can, in many cases provide a speedy desk-based assessment service and report within 24 hours of instruction.

With modern-day technology and most vehicle owners owning a high-quality mobile phone with camera, this service can prove to be a cost-effective solution for dealing with smaller damage claims. In cases where information or damage claimed is found to be inconsistent with the reported claim circumstances, the engineer will recommend a physical inspection to be carried out.

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